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CX HDAX 7200 LA GEO 40

HDAX® 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil is a premium performance, long-drain, heavy-duty, low ash crankcase oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of four-stroke natural gas and dual-fuel engines where low ash oils are recommended.

Product Benefits

Exceptional Engine Performance

Optimized detergent-dispersant additive package helps minimize the formation of engine deposits.

Valve Recession Protection

The level and type of ash-producing additives in the oil provides minimum valve recession with low levels of combustion chamber deposits to minimize the potential for pre-ignition and spark plug fouling.

Low Wear

Offers outstanding protection against piston, ring and liner scuffing, scoring and wear.

Long Oil Life

Improved oxidation and nitration resistance provides maximum flexibility in maintenance scheduling.

Clean Pistons

Works to keep pistons clean, which helps prevent ring sticking and maintains clean, varnish-free piston skirts.

Our Services

Lube Analysis Service

Our team is here to provide you with technical answers to questions on a broad range of products and related issues for all industries and applications. Whether you are operating heavy-duty on- or off-road vehicles or fixed industrial equipment, it pays to have a used oil analysis performed routinely by a specialized lab. Checking the oil that’s flowing through your equipment for contaminants and general stability helps you determine appropriate drain intervals and helps protect your equipment by uncovering the causes of wear.

Lube Audit Service

Designed to run your equipment and operations for longer, this program helps you identify the right products, tools and services you need. With our solutions tailored to your requirements, youcan achieve optimum operational effectiveness for your business. We want what is best for your business and operations. Our dedicated team comprises of first-class industrial and automotive experts who offer effective, technical and commercial guidance on critical areas.

Technical Training

Conducting on-site training sessions can be a valuable way to share knowledge and expertise, and it especially important for topics like lubricants, which can have a significant impact on the performance and longevity of equipment.
Say goodbye to wasteful and costly lubricant spills with us.


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