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Future Tech Lubricants has been affiliated with Chevron Pakistan Lubricants (Pvt) Limited (formerly Caltex) as their Authorized Industrial Distributor in Pakistan since 2003 covering the wide spread area of Sindh and Baluchistan. Chevron is a world known brand & world’s leading producer and distributor of group 2 premium base oil. As an authorized distributor, we have developed efficient strategies to reach out our target audience and provide them with a wide variety of genuine Caltex products, convenient after sales services and technical support.

Featured Products

Delo Gold Ultra

Delo Gold Ultra is a highly refined paraffinic based quenching oil for the uniform hardening of carbon and alloy steels…

Rando HD

Rando HD are formulated with premium base oils and robust additives to give required protection to hydraulic…

HDAX 5200

HDAX 5200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is premium performance, heavy-duty, low ash crankcase…

VDL 150

Compressor Oil EP VDL are a range of high performance compressor lubricants. These lubricants…

Taro XL Series

Taro® XL Series lubricants are high-performance, high-BN, diesel engine oils for medium-speed…

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Our Services

Lube Analysis Service

Our team is here to provide you with technical answers to questions on a broad range of products and related issues for all industries and applications. Whether you are operating heavy-duty on- or off-road vehicles or fixed industrial equipment, it pays to have a used oil analysis performed routinely by a specialized lab. Checking the oil that’s flowing through your equipment for contaminants and general stability helps you determine appropriate drain intervals and helps protect your equipment by uncovering the causes of wear.

Lube Audit Service

Designed to run your equipment and operations for longer, this program helps you identify the right products, tools and services you need. With our solutions tailored to your requirements, you can achieve optimum operational effectiveness for your business. We want what is best for your business and operations. Our dedicated team comprises of first-class industrial and automotive experts who offer effective, technical and commercial guidance on critical areas.

Technical Training

Conducting on-site training sessions can be a valuable way to share knowledge and expertise, and it especially important for topics like lubricants, which can have a significant impact on the performance and longevity of equipment. Say goodbye to wasteful and costly lubricant spills with us.

Future Tech Lubricants in Pakistan

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